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Client project

A client project is defined by the development, deployment, and/or installation of an application, under the control of a project leader. This definition depends on the client actual methodology, on what application means for him, on how he organizes to realize it, and possibly on implementation or deployment choices.

Except when otherwise specifically negotiated, a client project is defined as a set of JoramMQ servers with the following properties:

  • a single set of JoramMQ servers is used with operational purposes;
  • this set is defined as a unique JoramMQ configuration where all servers are interconnected;
  • any number of other JoramMQ configurations may be deployed and used with test or validation purposes.

Your own project definition may not quite fit with this technical definition. Just call us so that we agree on a specific definition which matches. Your project is at the core of our support offering.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise
Technical terms
Technical terms

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