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JORAM is a production ready distributed MOM (Message Oriented Middleware) already used within many critical operational applications, it provides a fully JMS 2.0 compliant API. JORAM is developed on Linux and Windows, as the server and the client components are entirely written in Java, they are platform-neutral.

Architectural Configurability

JORAM greatly benefits from the new generation Message Oriented Middleware from ScalAgent D.T., an agent-based truly distributed architecture. The underlying innovative architecture allows distributed applications to be connected on a large-scale basis through Internet, enables load balancing and guarantees high availability and flexibility.

The main characteristic of JORAM is its distributed configurable architecture. Basically JORAM has adopted a snowflake architecture:

  • a JORAM platform is composed of a set of JORAM servers interconnected by a message bus that offers various communication protocols.
  • Each server can manage a variable number of JMS clients.

The geographical implantation of the servers as well as the distribution of the clients on the various servers are under the responsibility of the architect. This choice is a first level of configuration. A second level refers to the placement of communication objects (Queues and Topics). Note that these parameters have a deep impact on performance figures and scalability issues.


Joram is now designed with an OSGi™ based services architecture to provide a dynamically adaptable messaging server:

  • The Joram server can be launched as a set of OSGi bundles (it is always possible to launch the server as a classic Java program).
  • Additional services can be started, stopped, reconfigured: Command line interface, Web console, etc.


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