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Mediation framework

The mediation framework allows mediation solutions to be built from reusable mediation components, that can be customized and assembled using smart graphical tools.

Mediation components

Mediation components contain the mediation processing logic. Mediation components operate on the usage data delivered by the devices - i.e. collection, parsing and filtering of data, aggregation correlation and merging of various data sources, and finally transformation to various formats required by business applications. The mediation framework already provides a set of basic mediation components to perform elementary functions. You can customize this basis and/or build your own components to provide appropriate mediation functions.

To facilitate the integration of a mediation solution with the enterprise information system, the framework provides a JDBC connector to store and retrieve usage data in/from databases and a set of technical connectors compliant with EAI standards such as: JMS (Java Messaging Service), EJB (RMI/IIOP), CORBA (IIOP). In addition, we can develop application connectors on demand.

Configuration Tools

The whole mediation logic is described by combining and assembling mediation components accurately depending on your mediation solution requirements. Thanks to Mediation Suite assembling technology, any configuration can be easily defined without programming expertise.

The Mediation framework provides a set of tools to help the developer in this task. The tools use the ADL approach, with a graphical presentation of boxes (the mediation components) and lines (the flow of data). This approach eases the design, definition and customization of your mediation solution. These tools are open in order to facilitate their integration with existing business specific GUIs.

Technology overview
Technology overview


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