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MQPerf, JORAM optimal performance reports

The MQPerf service enables you to find out JORAM optimal performances on your own system, without paying the necessary cost in terms of skill development (fully autonomous program) and work load (only 5mn of your time).

The service implements and develops on basic MOM use cases. It effectively runs JORAM and the use cases on your system, so that the provided figures really are performances from actual executions. The best configuration of JORAM is set for getting the optimum performances in your own execution context, thanks to the ScalAgent DT expertise embedded in the test and in the measurement system.

The service comes in two editions, community and standard, with different goals.

MQPerf community

MQPerf community edition aims at building a knowledge base of all JORAM usages, eventually helping this open source product demonstrating industrial grade quality. This service is free to use. It runs the basic use cases on your host, collects your tests raw results, anonymize them, and aggregates them to the knowledge base. In return you get a personal analysis of JORAM on your own hardware, and the comparison of your results with the set of all submitted tests.

This service is more dedicated to the JORAM software developers, but it may also be used as a first experimentation by a project leader looking for expertise on this product.

MQPerf standard

MQPerf standard edition is available for a small price. It performs more detailed tests, and requires more execution time on your system. The reports provided by the standard edition are far more detailed. They give you a fair understanding of JORAM behaviour for the overall test duration.

This service is more dedicated to the JORAM project leader. It brings you critical expertise at key steps in your project, early in response to a call for open tenders, or lately when running into a performance problem.



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